Sunday 28th June 2020

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James and the Children at God’s Love Home, June 2020

​James in Uganda.  The President is now allowing motor cycle taxis to carry goods (but not people).  I am sending funds to his local bank 3 miles away where he can safely walk.  Official numbers of Covid-19 cases in Uganda are still low and deaths very small (compared with UK) however there are cases including near the farm where some of the children are. Promised food has not been distributed yet. Schools remain closed so there is no fee income.  Accessible funds are low and the teachers have agreed to not have salary, the senior girls have chosen to not have meat or fish and James is trying to avoid GLH being on one meal a day.  One person commented “now I have seen photos of the children they are no longer a story”.  Thank you for all the help that you have given. Please contact me if you would like to do something extra now.  Please pray around some of the issues raised

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Granville & Shiela Harris

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Wednesday 8th July 2020

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