Sunday 9th May 2021

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Update from Mark Shaw-Hamilton

Dear Friends

Life with you must be returning to some sort of normality.  I have noted the weather dry fine with frosts and now rain galore?  Typical.. what else would we talk and moan about!

Tamil Nadu has gone into 14 day lockdown.  The numbers/ 100k are still quite low by UK past standards, the problem is that there are limited hospital facilities.  On top of that the numbers include large cities like Chennai and backwaters like here in the Nilgiris. Many of our parents are in Health.  Pray for their safety and for them as individuals as they make life and death decisions.

The local Health Dept is being very active. We were coming out of one lockdown and expecting to get back  to normal when we had a visit from the health Dept.  Our girls campus has had several cases (none serious) so  we have been closed down and the students sent home. There have been no cases on the boys campus.  Obviously very sad for the leavers especially as they did not have a chance to say good bye etc. The remainder are in even tighter lockdown

Remaining staff have been confined to their apartments for the last 9 days.  Though there has been some easing and I can “walk purposefully” to the lab or library apparently.  We are now going to do formal assessments on line with 2 cameras on each student so we can authenticate the work to Cambridge, EdExcel etc.   I was invigilating in the dorms last week when there was a scurrying and a rumpus in an adjoining room. On investigation there were two monkeys that I shooed out.  That’s a first for me.

Last night  I got a folder and inside was a Toblerone and a thank you note from one of the A2 students.  I was very moved.  I have been here over a month and still have not, nor will I, meet my classes.  Do you remember those endless why questions from toddlers and how they grew up out of them.  Maybe God would wish we/ I would grow up out of my need to know “Why?” and just trust.

With my love to you all


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